SpatialAnalyzer Training Courses

spatialanalyzer training courses

The DMS can provide SpatialAnalyzer training courses anywhere in the world including USA, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Courses range from beginners with no prior measurement experience at all, to expert level classes in Relationship Fitting, Unified Spatial Metrology Network (USMN) and Scripting.

Our trainers have real world metrology experience in automotive, aerospace, defence, power, shipbuilding, antennas and precision engineering industries and are expert level operators of Laser Trackers, Measuring Arms, 3D Measuring Arms, Total Stations, Photogrammetry and Laser Scanners.

We offer four SpatialAnalyzer courses; Introduction to SpatialAnalyzer , Intermediate to Advanced SpatialAnalyzer Professional, Advanced SpatialAnalyzer Ultimate and Custom SpatialAnalyzer Training.

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Introduction to SpatialAnalyzer – 3 to 5 Days

Introduction to SpatialAnalyzer is designed specifically for the new SpatialAnalyzer user. The 3 day course covers all the fundamental aspects of using SA that includes metrology architecture, SA's components, tool sets for application solutions, SpatialAnalyzer instrument interfaces, general user options and processes, and hands-on training with the software.

The 5 day course includes everything in the 3 day course and an additional 2 days of training with your hardware in your working environment. The extra two days are spent designing, problem solving, and performing measurement and analysis tasks.

Intermediate to Advanced – SpatialAnalyzer Professional – 2 Days

Intermediate to Advanced SpatialAnalyzer Professional course is designed for users of SpatialAnalyzer Professional with at least 6 months of SA experience. The course starts with a refresh of the Introduction to SpatialAnalyzer course followed by an in-depth study into the advanced features of SpatialAnalyzer Professional including (but not limited to), relationships, advanced alignments, the SA Toolbar, Measurement Automation, GD&T (optional), advanced CAD, and advanced reporting. We can also include any other aspect of SpatialAnalyzer Professional you are interested in.

Advanced SpatialAnalyzer Ultimate – 3 Days

The Advanced SpatialAnalyzer Ultimate course is ideal for SA users who have completed the Introduction to SpatialAnalyzer course and/or have had at least 6 months to 1 year of experience using SpatialAnalyzer. Topics covered include measurement simulation and analysis, understanding measurement uncertainty, advanced relationships, advanced fitting optimisation with relationship fitting, USMN, GD&T (optional), Automation using the SpatialAnalyzer toolbox and automation using scripting

Custom SpatialAnalyzer Training.

If you have a specific training requirement, we can build a course to meet your needs.