Mining and Resources

Mining and Resources

Measurement Services

The DMS can align, measure and inspect all kinds of small, medium and large mining equipment. We specialise in working in challenging environments including dirty, extreme temperature variation, vibration and remote locations that would normally prohibit traditional measurement services and technologies.

Some of the tasks we can perform include:

  • Measurement, alignment, inspection and calibration of rollers, conveyors, concentrators, mills, tanks, buckets and heavy equipment of almost any size.
  • Sole plate levelling
  • Slew bearing measurement, including reverse engineering existing bearings and new bearings during the manufacture and installation process.
  • Data capture for reverse engineering of existing parts, assemblies and structures.
  • Deformation measurement of structures.
  • Measurement, alignment and inspection of tools, fixtures, jigs, gauges and dies
  • Checking built components before and after transportation

For more information on our measurement capabilities visit our Measurement Services Page.

Equipment Rental

The DMS also provides equipment rental to the mining and resource industries including 3D Laser Trackers, Total Stations and Precision Levels. Visit our equipment rental page to find out more.