3D Laser Trackers

3D Laser Trackers

The DMS has extensive experience in using the 3D Laser Tracker in all manner of industries and applications.

The Laser Tracker is a portable, high precision, coordinate measuring machine that can build products, optimise processes, and deliver solutions by measuring more quickly, simply and precisely. The Laser Tracker replaces conventional hand tools such as tape measures, piano wire, plumb bobs, and even theodolites. The Laser Tracker is a more accurate and reliable tool with which you can streamline processes and gain confidence in your measurement results.  

When performing applications where the highest precision is crucial, such as in-line measurements, high speed dynamic measurements, or high accuracy machine calibration, the Laser Tracker provides the high accuracy and range needed to complete the measurement tasks.

The system measures 3D coordinates with its laser by following a Spherical Mirrored Probe (SMR). With high accuracy angular encoders and Absolute Distance Measurement (ADM), it reports the 3D position of a probe in real-time.

The Laser Trackers is used to align large parts, assemblies and machinery, and to perform detailed inspections, either on-site or in-process. The Laser Tracker has a 110 m range and a point measurement accuracy of up to 0.025 mm.

Our laser trackers are available for for hire.