V-STARS Photogrammetry

V-STARS Close Range Photogrammetry System with PRO-SPOT

The DMS utilises the V-STARS photogrammetry system manufactured by Geodetic Services Inc. V-STARS is a highly portable 3D coordinate measurement system which uses photography to accurately determine the position of retro reflective targets, hand held digitizing probes, and projected point clouds.

V-STARS can perform high accuracy coordinate measurements in unstable environments, such as vibrating or unstable floors. The measured object itself can also be vibrating or moving during the measurement process without affecting the measurement accuracy.

V-Stars operates in either single (V-STARS/S) or multiple camera mode (V-STARS/M). V-STARS/S (Image A) utilises a single camera to measure the x, y, z location of retro reflective or light projected targets on the surface of an object. Utilising a single camera the achievable accuracy is typically better than 1:120,000 of the size of the object, or 0.040 mm on a 5.0 m object.

V-STARS/M (Image B) utilises two cameras to create a real-time system that automatically calculates the position of a hand held digitizing probe. The digitizing probe can be fitted with standard coordinate measurement machine (CMM) tips. The V-STARS/M system is capable of measuring any feature a traditional CMM can measure without the normal limitations of a CMM, such as restricted object size, weight and location. The achievable accuracy of the V-STARS/M system is typically better than 1:60,000 of the object size or 0.080 mm on a 5.0 m object.


PRO-SPOT 3D Point Cloud Measurement System
PRO-SPOT is a non contact 3D point cloud measurement system that is capable of projecting tens of thousands of dots on to the surface of an object for targeting purposes.  The position of the projected dots are captured using the V-Stars photogrammetry system and the data. The 3D point cloud data are used for CAD modelling, reverse engineering, part inspection and surface analysis.

The achievable accuracy for the PRO-SPOT system is typically better than 1:120,000 of the size of the object, or 0.040 mm on a 5.0 m object.