Shipbuilding, Boats and Yachts

Ship, Boat and Submarine Building and Maintenance

Ship building requires precision assembly in tough industrial environments, components used in shipbuilding and naval engineering must be verified against design specifications to ensure proper fit.

The DMS is experienced in the manufacture of boats, ships and submarines using a variety of portable 3D measurement equipment including Laser Trackers, Total Stations, Photogrammetry & portable measuring arms. The DMS offers Measurement Services, SpatialAnalyzer Support and Equipment Rental Services to the Australian shipbuilding industry.

Measurement Services

  • Measurement and inspection and calibration of tools, fixtures, jigs and gauges 
  • Alignment of parts of almost any size 
  • Plate shaping or rolling
  • Unit or block construction 
  • Measurement and analysis of mating components
  • Measurement and analysis of mating blocks
  • Establishing Reference Lines
  • Establishing Cut Lines 
  • Establishing Precision Dimensional Control Networks
  • Measuring the deformation of parts induced by welding, temperature or manufacturing process
  • Measuring the location and size of pipes
  • Measuring the repeatability of assembly processes
  • Data capture for reverse engineering templates, moulds and built components including entire boat hulls
  • Checking built components before and after transportation

SpatialAnalyzer & the Australian Shipbuilding Industry

In addition to supplying measurement services, the DMS also provides SpatialAnalyzer support and training to a majority of Australia’s naval ship yards including BAE Systems Australia, Australian Submarine Corporation and Air Warfare Destroyer (AWD) .  

Equipment Rental

The DMS also provides equipment rental to the Ship and Submarine industries including Laser Trackers and Total Stations. Visit our equipment rental page to find out more.