The DMS is a world leader in providing installation, measurement, alignment and calibration services to the automotive industry. 

We specialise in onsite dimensional inspection of automotive fixtures, jigs, tools, gauges and assembly lines. We also measure and inspect parts built out of automotive tools. Our experience includes the alignment, inspection and certification of new and existing assembly line tooling right through to measuring how components change shape (deform) as they are being built. 

The DMS has a proven track record with a diverse range of clients including Toyota Motor Company, Ford Motor Company, and General Motors (GM). We also have extensive experience working throughout Asia.
Due to the portable nature of our measurement technology, all of our measurements are performed in the assembly line. 

We have extensive experience setting up and maintaining framing stations. The framing station is where the 4 parts of the vehicle (underbody, body sides and roof) are married to form the final vehicle. 

Some of the tasks we can perform include:

  • Tool, fixture, jig, gauge and die measurement , alignment and inspection
  • Data capture for reverse engineering of individual components or entire vehicle exteriors
  • Deformation measurement of parts induced by the welding or manufacturing process
  • Measuring the repeatability of assembly processes
  • Comparing parts and tooling to a 3D CAD model
  • Checking assembly tooling before and after transportation.

For more information on the DMS's measurement capabilities visit our Measurement Services Page.