Heavy Machinery

Heavy Equipment

The DMS can provide specialist onsite dimensional measurement for the manufacturers of heavy equipment including: earthmoving, excavation, agricultural machinery and military equipment. Parts of almost any size can be measured, inspected and aligned using Total Stations, Laser Trackers and Photogrammetry and Precision Levels. Measurements can be performed while the component is sitting on a machine bed, on the shop floor and outdoors. We specialise in measuring in thermally unstable, dirty or vibrating environments while maintaining the highest measurement accuracy.

Some of the tasks we perform include:

  • Measurement, alignment, inspection and calibration of tools, fixtures, jigs, gauges and dies
  • Measurement, alignment and inspection of manufactured components and machinery of almost any size in any location.
  • Installation and alignment of new components to existing equipment
  • Precision levelling of machine sole plates
  • Data capture for reverse engineering parts, assemblies and structures
  • Measuring the deformation of parts induced by welding, temperature or the manufacturing process
  • Measuring the repeatability of most assembly processes
  • Checking built components before and after transportation