Close Range Photogrammetry
3D Laser Tracking
2D Precision Levelling

About Us
Dimensional Metrology Services Pty Ltd (formally known as Vision Metrology Services) offers specialist precision 3D measurement and inspection services. We are a leading provider of onsite coordinate measurement services in the Australasian region and are committed to providing our clients with high quality, individualised service and advice. Our company utilises some of the most advanced industrial 3D measurement technologies in the world including: laser tracking, digital close-range photogrammetry and precision optical levelling. We also offer short and long term equipment hire and can advise on and supply targeting products to meet your precision measurement needs.

Our 3D Measurement Systems
Close Range Photogrammetry
3D Laser Tracker
2D Precision Levelling

Our Services
Industrial Measurement Services
Data Capture for Reverse Engineering
Deformation Monitoring
Repeatability Studies
Machine Tool Evaluation

Other Services
Equipment Leasing
Optical Targeting Supplies
V-STARS Photogrammetry System Training
Camera Calibration

SpatialAnalyzer Sales (NEW!)

Industries We Service
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Danny Brizzi
B.Geom (Hons), MSSI, MMSA, MCMSC
Dimensional Metrology Services Pty Ltd

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