Industrial Total Stations

Industrial Robotic Total Stations 

For the measurement of large scale objects (from 1m to 1km) we utilise the Leica TS30 0.5" precision total stations. We offer a large number of specialised measurement services utilising the Leica TS30, including:

TS30 0.5" Robotic Total Station

TS30 0.5" Robotic Total Station

Used traditionally, these instruments are capable of producing measurements to an accuracy of 0.6 mm.

Used in conjunction with SpatialAnalyzer and the USMN function, these instruments are capable of resolving down to 0.1 mm accuracy in 3D. 

Total Station Sales

As an official Leica Distributor we sell the full range of Leica Viva & Leica Nova Total Stations and Accessories. Visit our total station sales page to learn more...

Total Station Hire

In addition to 3D measurement services our Leica TS30 total station is also available for hire, as well as a large number of Leica accessories, including tripods, batteries chargers and software. Visit our equipment hire page for more information.