Aerospace InDustry

The DMS provides traceable measurement, inspection & calibration services to the aerospace industry. We have extensive experience in the manufacture and routine maintenance of aerospace tools, fixtures, jigs and built parts. 

SpatialAnalyzer has become the default software in Australia for the routine measurement of Aerospace tools and components. Contact the DMS for all your SpatialAnalyzer sales, support and training needs.

We also offer Laser Tracker Rental Services to support your aerospace measurement requirements. Visit our equipment rental page to find out more.

In addition, DMS have extensive experience capturing coordinate data to reverse engineer older aircraft components, ranging from individual panels of the FA-18 to entire airframes such as the AP-3C Orion. 
Some of the tasks we can perform include:

  • Tool, fixture and jig measurement, inspection, alignment  and calibration
  • Component alignment
  • Laser Tracker Rental/Hire
  • Data capture for reverse engineering
  • Panel and part measurement
  • Deformation analysis under loading or temperature variation
  • Process repeatability analysis
  • Symmetry check
  • Shape analysis
  • Transportation check
  • Heavy landing dimensional inspection
  • SpatialAnalyzer Sales, Support and Training.