Building Deformation Monitoring

Building Deformation Monitoring, Building Façade Monitoring, cracking, subsidence, monitoring.  


The DMS as extensive experience in measuring and monitoring buildings for deformation. Be it the construction of a new building or the monitoring of an historic façade, our extensive range of precision measuring tools allows us to measure 3D deformation on buildings of almost any size. 

Project Example - Deformation Monitoring of the Flinders Street Façade.

  • Goal: To measure the deformation occurring in the Flinders Street façade over a 1 year period.
  • Measured Points: 36
  • Frequency: 1 survey per month
  • Accuracy Requirement: To detect 3D structural deformation greater than 0.3mm in any direction.
  • Tools: Leica TS30 Total Station, custom targeting & SpatialAnalyzer Software
  • Measurement Procedure: Multi-station measurement and bundle adjustment of measurements
  • 3D Measurement Accuracy Achieved: 0.2mm
  • Additional Constraints: Targeting must attach to the building without damaging the façade (no drilling into the facade) but be stable and durable to last years 2+ years.
  • Constraint Solution:  A custom target was developed by the DMS using advanced adhesives that could be removed without damaging the façade. The targets were fully sealed from the elements, small enough to not be noticed by pedestrians and have a working life of 5+ years.

Flinders Street Façade Deformation Survey