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SA Professional
SA Ultimate
SA Machine

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SA Professional

SA Professional with Native CAD is the professional measurement, alignment, inspection, analysis, and reporting software for all portable metrology instruments. In addition to all essential measurement needs, it includes several key inspection features, geometry inspection, and measurement automation.

SA Professional offers 100% traceability from measurement to reporting. All measurement data is stored alongside time stamps, instrument information, weather data, and other measurement parameters. Log files track user actions, fit results, and more, allowing you to see the entire history of the job file.

An essential part of the measurement process is the alignment of measurements to a known coordinate system. SA Professional includes a variety of alignment methods ranging from traditional 3-2-1 alignments to more advanced surface fits.

The Relationship functionality offers an easy way to calculate and observe part deviation. Relationships are dynamic in nature and update automatically if part alignment or data changes.

Evaluation & Analysis
A user-friendly interface permits both graphical and numerical depiction of measurement uncertainty, enhancing the user’s perspective of measurement quality.

SA Professional offers quick, user-friendly reporting functionalities. Quick Reports are ideal for on-location reporting, report templates are perfect for repetitive work, and the Report Designer allows users to drag and drop items to develop custom reports using tables, charts, and graphics.

GD&T Inspection
GD&T allows you to import CAD with GD&T annotations, create annotations manually, and inspect to GD&T standards with real-time reporting.

Geometry Inspection
Geometry inspection enables you to define design-based inspection routines from a CAD model or primitive geometry.

Native CAD
Native CAD provides import support for such major applications as CATIA V4, V5, Pro/Engineer, SolidWorks, Unigraphics, and other CAD formats.

SA Ultimate

SA Ultimate plus Native CAD is the premier measurement, optimization, analysis, reporting, and automation software suite for all portable instruments. It is inclusive of everything contained in SA Professional, plus the features below.

Real-Time Alignment
Transformation Tracking allows you to track moving parts in real-time so that you can monitor a part’s position as it is guided into place.

Advanced Fit Optimization
Relationship minimization provides the power necessary for advanced alignments and can help bring an out-of-tolerance part back within tolerance. You can also define fit envelopes to satisfy multiple constraints/ requirements.

Complex Instrument Networks
USMN is an extremely powerful feature that leverages the uncertainty characteristics of different instruments to provide a much more accurate instrument network than that of traditional alignment methods. It is used by many metrology groups to solve large-scale networks such as accelerator rings, full submarine surveys, and large machinery analysis.

The Measurement Plan and SA SDK functions can add a significant layer of automation to your processes.  Generating simple to complex scripts can greatly improve workflow and productivity, reducing analysis time from days to minutes while eliminating errors and saving significant resources.

Pipe Fitting
The Pipe Fitting function is used in large piping applications when precision cuts must be determined. Precision measurements and optimization greatly improves accuracy, thus reducing rework costs.

Database Output
Database output is an additional reporting feature that gives you the ability to transfer SA data to databases and track projects/data long-term.

SA Machine

SA Machine contains all features of SA Ultimate + Native CAD, but also allows users to interface with robots and CNC machines. This permits calibration and real-time compensation of robots and large volume CNC machines to high degrees of accuracy. It also enables robotic scripting, teach pendant behavior, and linear or joint space robotic control.

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